simply explode the file paleomail.1.02.tgz 
		tar  -xvzf paleomail.1.02.tgz
	this will create the directory paleomail 
	All the files are in this directory.
	The directory should be visible through a web server.
	You may need to install some some perl modules
		see  perl modules

apache things
	Since the paleomail directory contains .cgi executables,  
	it may be necessary to create in the directory paleomail
	(or above it) a file .htaccess with a line 
		Options ExecCGI

	For the .htaccess file to work the apache server must have
	in one of their configutarion files ( httpd.conf or access.conf)
	and in the relevant Directory section
	a line like this:
		AllowOverride All  

	And the apache configuration file must enable cgi scripts  
	with a line like this
		AddHandler cgi-scripts .cgi