user notes

	the program shows 4 screens 

	1. initial login screen
	2. message summary screen
	3. indivdual message screen
	4. screen for composing a new message                

screen 1
	this screen has 3 actions:

	1. show all
		it shows the headers of all the messages in 
		the server
	2. show unread mail 
		it shows the headers of all unread messages 
		in the server that you have not read
	3. compose new mail
	 	this is to create new mail not to answeer a mail
		which you will see in screen 3

screen 2
	this screen shows a summary of the messages

	for each message there is a read button with a number that
	indicates how many times you have read the message...
	"0" indicates the message is unread

	for each message theres is checkbox to select the message
	to erase... the messages are erased when you click on 
	the Erase button at the top...  remember the messages
	are really ERASED.

screen 3
	It shows the contenet of a particular message...
	in this screen you only see only the text-plain parts.

	The other parts are replaced by "Click" buttons...
	when you click them you get that part in a different
	window according to the preferences of you browser.

	This screen has 2 actions: 
		"R" : Replay to the message
		"F" : Forward   the message

screen 4
	This is the screen to compose new messages... it is generated           
	by the action "compose new message" of the screen 1 or 
	an action of screen 3.

	For the moment it doesn't allow attachmentes.

	This screen has 1 action: to Send the message.