what is

	PaleoMail is a web-based bandwith-conscious mail client 
	written in Perl.  It is small enough for you to modify 
	it and improve it.

	It is intended to be run in a Linux server running Apache
	but it may well run in other Unix machines.

	It is intented for people who are away from their regular
	computer (on vacation or travelling) and want to check their
	email without affecting their regular mail client when they
	come back.
	PaleoMail allows to see only the unread messages without
	requiring to move the messages to a separate folder.

using PaleoMail a a regular mail reader
	Although PaleoMail is intended for people who are are
	travelling and have another mail reader back home, it stll 
	can be used a regular mail reader.

	PaleoMail does not have folders but mail can be saved
	as normal web pages with the Save command of the browser... 
	in this case Paleomail suggests a name for the file